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Vacuum Pump Hire

if you need a pump temporarily, or a replacement for a unit that needs a complicated repair, we can deliver a hire pump to you within 2 working days.

rich@bfgs.co.uk       07703 257717

We have vacuum pumps available for you to hire.

*Standard delivery to UK mainland only, more remote parts might take a little longer.

BFG Services Ltd have pumps available for all requirements, for you to hire. Whether you just need a unit for the short-term, your pump requires a lengthy repair, or you are one of the very few customers whose spare parts requirement can’t be met from our stock, please just give us a call, 07703 257717

We offer you a wide range of products and solutions at competitive prices. All the vacuum pumps for hire have been assiduously checked and maintained to ensure that they operate at peak performance when you need them.

Loan units, rotary vane and blowers from 10m³ per hour to 1200m³ per hour.

New addition available for loan, Stokes 412E11/615 combination, 6×10-3 mbar.

Alternatively we can offer you a loan pump whilst we fault find, report and then repair your unit.

Vacuum pump hire is part of the 360° solutions that BFG Services offer for all your industrial vacuum pump requirements, including expert advice. Whatever you need, Rich and the team are always happy to give you their time and knowledge.