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Industrial vacuum pumps
Proudly serving the vacuum engineering industry.

Spare parts, repair, vacuum pump rental and used and restored industrial vacuum pumps for sale.

95% of all requirements supplied from stock.

Proudly serving the vacuum engineering industry.

Spare parts and repairs for all makes of industrial vacuum pumps, rentals, plus used and restored units for sale.

Quick turnaround – we supply 95% of all our vacuum pump parts from stock.

BFG Services Ltd offers a full range of services for the vacuum pump industry. We have a comprehensive range of services to choose from, to ensure that a pump breakdown is never too costly for you:

  • Cost-saving spare parts
  • Vacuum pump servicing
  • Loan units
  • Used and restored industrial vacuum pumps for sale
  • Vacuum pump service kits
  • Industrial vacuum pump advice

The right solution for all your industrial vacuum pump needs.

At BFG Services, we have 20 years’ experience in the vacuum engineering industry. Whatever the make or model of pump you have, our expert staff can help.

We keep an extensive range of parts and components for all vacuum pump makes and models on site at all times. That means we can supply 95 per cent of all our orders from stock within just two working days, or the next working day if you order before 11am.

What’s more, we also have a great range of loan units in stock – also available within 48 hours – so you can always be confident that a broken vacuum pump will never cause you too much of a headache.

Our expert engineers are also on hand to repair any damaged vacuum pump. If your engineers can’t get your unit working, ours usually can.

Our expert team can help with all your industrial vacuum pump requirements. Just contact us here call 07703 257717 or email rich@bfgs.co.uk.